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RONEVA Ltd. was established in 2004. For more than ten years it is present on the real estate market and is now an established name among the leaders in the area. Company’s main activity is intermediation in sale and purchase of real estates and settlement of rent relations. With the purpose of quality service improvement for clients the company develops various accompanying activities as: design and construction of family houses, construction and installation works, rent-a-car, transport and forwarding services, complex accounting service.

The current dynamics on the real estate market requires adequacy and innovative approach for satisfying the increasing demands of the clients. For that purpose the company has a team of trained specialists who offer competent intermediation and perform the relation between the sellers of real estate and potential buyers, full documental formatting of the rent deal or sale and purchase deal, legal and judicial consultation regarding the up-do-date condition of the sale and purchase site as well as the possibilities for flexible financial security of future deals. 

At client’s request the company performs a wide range of construction and installation works for renovation and improvement of the property’s condition. 
We exclusively offer overall design and construction of buildings – mostly family houses in out-of-town areas, villa and vacation properties at client’s request or by design of the company. 

Rent-a-car is an accompanying activity through which the company provides to its clients and partners convenience for easy and economic travel. The company has own transportation of passengers and cargos as well as a wide range of logistic services on the territory of the country and outside of it. 

“We are green” is the new corporate approach: all our activity is based on good practices directed towards use of energy saving technologies, optimization of the resource expense and others with the purpose of protecting nature and environment. 

Corporate mission

- Proactive approach when working with clients;
- Providing excellent, complex, competent service of clients;
- Innovation and flexibility when finding the right solutions for satisfying the needs of the clients;
- Individual approach when working with clients; 
- Social responsibility;
- Eco-orientation and focus on decrease of expenses for energy and environment protection. 

Corporate strategy

Our strategic aim is extending the market share through vertical and horizontal integration of activity, diversification, introduction of the so-called “green practices” in company’s activity. 


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